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Jeroen de Flander - The Art of Performance
Jeroen de Flander - The Art of Performance

Strategy Execution Award

About the Strategy Execution Award

Since 2001, we have been studying Strategy Execution trends and best practices. During these last 12 years, Strategy Execution evolve from a token discussion to a top priority in most organizations.
Strategy execution is no longer the black hole that drains performance. Today’s organizations are aware of the performance lost through bad strategy execution. But in order to take the next step – to close that gap – organizations need a more detailed view of exactly where they are losing performance.
The Institute for Strategy Execution is the global accreditation body for strategy execution practitioners and organizations. The Strategy Execution Award ® is created by the Institute for Strategy Execution in order to publicly recognize organizations around the world that use a best-in-class approach to execute their strategy successfully and achieve breakthrough performance results.
Our assessment goes beyond the Balanced Scorecard and looks in different dimensions of strategy execution (extended 8 framework). Each dimension gives you execution strengths and weaknesses from a different perspective. Together, they give you a unique dashboard of your overall execution capability.
More and more organizations are inspired to initiate their journey toward strategy execution. Culminating with the participation in the unique global strategy execution award program: to be recognized as a role-model organization for realizing strategy. We invite you to participate in the exclusive strategy execution award 2019 to gain global recognition and visibility.

Strategy Execution Award Jury

Business thought leader and global strategy execution ambassador, Professor Jeroen De Flander, makes the award decisions with the help of several jury members including professor Vincent Lion. Each jury member holds the position of board member in the Institute for Strategy Execution.
The evaluation criteria are linked to the ‘Extended 8 Model’, a popular strategy execution framework. It covers the process and people aspects of strategy execution. During the assessment, the maturity of each component and relevant criteria are evaluated against international benchmarks.

Our certification offers 3 levels, ranging from Initiator to Pioneer in Strategy Execution. Organizations receive a certificate matching their maturity level.
Any organization can apply at any time, regardless of their location, size and sector. The certificate will be issued based upon maturity of organization in strategy execution against Extended 8 framework criteria. The certification will valid 3 years upon issue time.
The Institute for Strategy Execution’s hope is that you will find award program participation both engaging and valuable whether your application results in winning the award or findings to help your organization improve.
Before completing this application form, we encourage you to contact our award secretariat to discuss your eligibility and the application process. Please send all inquiries to